I’m Lennart Slotboom and crazy about extreme sports.

Sports such as wakeboarding, snowboarding and half-pipe skating.

While practicing these sports my friends nicknamed me Frits. 

A name that’s always stayed with me. This is how FPA Sports was born: Frits Pro Active Sports. 

FPA Sports started in The Netherlands where I was an instructor in these sports.

For people of all ages, from beginner to advanced.

My passion for diving also started in The Netherlands.

I did all my training in The Netherlands to become a Master Scuba Diver, after which I trained many students for a good number of years.

In 2019 I decided to move to sunny and friendly Bonaire. 

Every time I see the sea I am happy with my decision.

I hope that my enthusiasm for watersports and Bonaire rub off during my lessons.


Diving is an exciting and intensive activity.

Unexpected things can happen under water.

Something I focus on during the course and we practice how to respond to such happenings.

Before I left for Bonaire I worked as a sociotherapist in The Netherlands.

Resulting in the fact that I have lots of experience in treating stress and anxiety symptoms. 

Have you had a negative experience while diving?

Do you feel resistance when entering the water, but actually really want to be able to enjoy the underwater world (again)?

I’d love to help you take that step!



WhatsApp: +599 7866587

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