Are you ready for a bit more adventure and would you like to see what wonders the ocean has to offer in the dark?

Together we will make a dive at night. With the help of an underwater torch we will search for all the secrets of the ocean.

For example, have you ever seen a tarpon hunt? Or made a night dive on the Hilma Hooker?

A night dive is for the duration of 60 minutes and for maximum 2 people. Fun is guaranteed. 

$ 75,-

Per person, excl. air and materials.


The spectacle of Bonaire.

During this dive you will be amazed at what goes on underwater a few days after a full moon.

You have never experienced this before and you will talk about this for a long time to come.

This dive is for a maximum of 50 minutes at a depth of about 10 meters. 

$ 75,-

Per person, excl. air and materials.


Whatsapp: +599 7866587

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