Have you always dreamt of diving, but just haven’t gotten around to it? Book your introduction dive right now.

This is a 3,5 hour introduction in which you will be given instructions, an explanation of the signs used, and a number of exercises.

Or have you gotten the hang of it and want to take another dip in open water?

You can book another dive for $85,-.

Do you want to dive more often and go for your PADI Open Water Diver certificate?

Then the costs of your introduction dive will be taken off the price of the Padi Open Water Diver.

$ 115,-

Per person, incl. air, materials and certification.


Has it been more than 6 months since your last dive?

Then I advise you to take a refresher dive course.

Together we will repeat the theory, we will set up your equipment together and take it apart and we will practice a few skills under water.

Aafter which we obviously will make a dive of a maximum of 50 minutes. 

I'll make sure you get your confidence back in diving completely!

$ 115,-

Per person, excl. air and materials.


WhatsApp: +599 7866587

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