EFR Course

Do you want to brush up on your first aid skills?

Have you ever taken a course in school, but have never had to apply your skills? 

Do you know how to issue an emergency response statement? Do you know how an AED works?

During this two-day Emergency First Rescue course you learn Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support.

You will learn to think as an emergency responder. 

And by practicing different scenarios you will also learn to act as an emergency responder.

This course is the perfect preparation for the SDI Rescue course.

You conclude this course with a theory exam.

$ 350,-

Per person

FRTI First response training international

Are you ready to learn to act as the first expert at a diving accident?

How should you approach a panicking diver?

What is the best way to get into the water?

In different scenarios you learn how to deal with responsive and unresponsive divers.

After this course you will look at the diving sport in a different way.

You will be confident enough to be able to lead a rescue dive.

You conclude this course with a theory exam.

$ 400,-

Per person, incl. certification.



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